What Continuous Scrolling Means for Marketers

Continuous scrolling is a new interactive feature from Google where users continue to see all the results of their search as they continue to scroll. All these results are based on the keywords used by the user. Continuous scrolling allows brands to have their content online become more visible to users. However, continuous scrolling is only limited to mobile searches and is not yet available on the desktop. 

What Does Continuous Scrolling Mean For Your SEO?

You Can Keep a Closer Eye on Your Data

Data is a priceless possession for marketers. Regardless of what is happening to SEO environment, data will have the same value. Marketers that are data-driven solely rely on the data gathered from different platforms. The number of visitors, bounce rates, time on page, and other relevant information are essential in creating actionable marketing tactics. 

Additionally, it can also help marketers see how their page ranks given the specific keywords. Additionally, it also shows the click-through rates of your pages. Substantial fluctuations in your CTR on mobile are signs of continuous scrolling. And that is also a sign that you will need to upgrade your SEO strategies.

Optimise Your Content to Feature in Rich Results

Schema markup is one of the sure-fire ways to optimise your content and to help it appear on top of continuous scrolling results. Schema is jargon that allows communication between you and search engines. It identifies important and relevant pages related to the keyword searches. Thus, if you are able to perform the schema adequately, you will have the chance to get featured in the snippets, local results, and FAQs.  We have seen an excellent results when adding a schema markup on CLP Legal website.

Give Focus on Your Titles and Metas

The competition for clicks is agile. You need to use all your limited real estate to get your page up on the search engine results page and appear to the continuous scrolling. To do so, you can be wise and make use of meta descriptions and titles to rank. While users using the same keywords look for the same sort of information, optimising your meta description and content title will give them a clear hint of what your content is all about. Once they get a clear picture of your content, they will be enticed to click on your link and visit your page. 

The minuscule attention of online users requires quick access to information. If they get what they want from your content at a first glance, you will automatically become a trustworthy website for them. Hence, make sure to grab their attention and directly answer their questions using your title and meta description. 

Get Updated with Continuous Scrolling Trend

Continuous scrolling is one of the features that has been around for a while but only a few of the marketers get to make use of and online users to notice. One of the concrete examples of continuous scrolling features is all the social media platforms. 

Continuous scrolling can somehow improve User Experience given the right implementation and keywords used. Despite it can’t improve SEO, on the brighter note, continuous scrolling gives your page a chance for views and random visits.