Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small bathrooms need not be chaotic or too cramped. Small, bathrooms can be pretty spacious given the right aesthetics and arrangement. Adding a splash of colours that renders an illusion of wider space will make all the difference. Here are some bathroom ideas with small spaces:

Paint-Free Bathroom Makeover

If you can’t paint your bathroom or just renting, there is a solution that will practically transform your space without a splat of paint. You can go crazy and get creative with stick vinyl. Stick vinyl wallpapers are perfect for bathroom walls because they are waterproof and made to protect your walls from moulds. Stick vinyl can withstand bathrooms that are often misty or wet. Thus, apart from avoiding moulds, stick vinyl comes in all sorts of colours, patterns, and textures. 

Install a Vanity with Storage

There is a vanity that comes with storage. If it’s hard for you to install actual storage due to some construction concerns. A temporary vanity will be perfect for your small bathroom. You can go around furniture shops or IKEA and look for a vanity that comes with storage space for your personal items such as skin care and toiletries. 

Spruce It Up With Plants

Plants are a great and easy way to spice up the whole look of your bathroom. There are plants that love dense areas such as your bathroom. You can hang some hanging plants on your ceiling so it won’t take that much space. Another way is to place small plants on top of a floating shelf. Just make sure to choose a plant that can thrive indoors and constant density. 

Refresh With Paint

Paint is one of the best ways to totally change the look of your space. Be it a strong poignant shade of blue or subtle palettes of pinks, your room will see a new light with new splashes of hues. 

DIY a Feature Wall

A feature wall is a smart way to revamp your bathroom. If you have a small space, a wall with a striking pattern will add a lot of character to your wall. Be it a mural, a large painting, or a wall with textures, you will never go wrong with an accent wall as long as it is cohesive to the other elements around your bathroom. 

Reversible Fixes for Ugly Bathroom Floors

There are floor tiles available that will not need you to strip off your old bathroom floors. Water-resistant vinyl floor cloth is one option that can tuck away your ugly and stained bathroom floors and replace them with a comforting material that is luxurious to step on. Another option is rubber floor tiles. Rubber floor tiles come in all sorts of colours, shapes, textures, and appeal. 

Modernize With Black Fixtures

If your bathroom seems a little outdated, you can modernise its whole look by adding accents of black. A new black faucet or black moulding can totally transform an outdated bathroom into something contemporary. Black adds dramatic contrast to your classic-looking bathroom. 

There are other ways to refresh the look of your bathroom. Some may require more money to do it but these ideas can turn around your small bathroom aesthetic into a totally new look.