Mitigating the Risk of Cybercrime in Digitised Businesses

In this fast-paced digital world and constantly changing trends, cybercrime is a rampant and serious concern. The increasing internet demand and use are a few of the reasons why cybercrimes are increasing daily. Monetary transactions are now at risk and the sensitive data of users are compromised. Such a predicament happens when the website is not armed with proper security. 

The risk of cybercrime can go further if not remedied as soon as possible. Apart from stealing important data. Your business image will also be tarnished if information about your customers leaked. Thus, mitigating the risk of cybercrimes in digitized businesses will further the success of the digital era as well as everyone that gains from it. 

How are organisations involuntarily putting themselves at risk?

The industry mandates regulatory compliances to make sure that every platform is safe for the public to navigate and explore. However, given the ever-increasing demand for digitised business, tools and software are also increasing to cater to such demand. Such an increase made mitigating the risk of cybercrimes even more impossible or challenging. 

Businesses investing online are now encouraged to intelligently identify specific cybercrimes that may occur in their nature of business and give a solution before they start to occur. 

Threats That Your Business May Be Overlooking

Malicious Insider Threats 

This kind of threat is something that a previous employee who got fired and has access to your files would do. This employee may try to steal sensitive data and use it to his or her advantage but significantly compromise the reputation of your company. 

Inadvertent Insiders

This threat gain entry into your system through phishing, made up or orphaned account, threat actors, and spear phishing. It is a threat that comes from when one of your employees have a poor password. 

Excessive Access

This threat is an insider issue. It is when the company give too much access to employees than they actually should have. It is important for companies to limit the access in accordance only to their line of work. 


A simple mishap like misconfiguration can threaten all your company‚Äôs data and lead to undesired access from someone who is not supposed to. There are many instances that the firewall of the website becomes vulnerable. Normally, business owners would think that it is because of the firewall problem, but most of the time, it is because of the misconfiguration in your system. 

Brute Force Attacks

This attack is done by jamming passwords until they get the right one. It can be quite a difficult thing to do but it has increased recently. Automated tools are used to crack the passwords of which make it easier for them to guess the right one.

The number of cyber threats is increasing and many are feeling unprotected exploring the digital world. It is a need for every company to prioritise security above anything else. A perfectly amazing looking website will be of no use if security is poor. Thus, it is important that your customers feel secure when doing monetary transactions within your platform. It will not only protect you and your business but most importantly your customers.