How to make money from your website

August 25, 2017

You may have a website that you’ve created as a hobby, but now you’re interested in how to make an income from it. There are several options to make money from your website. I will list out all the available ways I know how to generate an income from your website.

Here is a list of the best ways to monetize your website.

Pay Per Click Ads

There are a ton of pay per click website’s that offer opportunities for publisher’s the most popular currently is Google Adsense

There is no minimum traffic requirement which makes it quite easy to get into Google Adsense. Although, this is true before applying there is a checklist you should make sure of before applying to be a publisher.

1. Make sure your website has enough content and does not have poor grammar.

2. Your design is up to date and doesn’t have colors clashing.

3. Use your main domain. Sub domains or free domains may not work well. It’s a great idea to use a primary domain and having great hosting to make sure your website is always online. You can get cheap hosting and a domain at Bluehost.

4. Be 18+ years of age, Google doesn’t allow minor’s to have an Adsense account so be sure to use the correct information before applying.

5. Setup an about us page. It’s always a great idea to give a general idea of who you are as a blog or business to help Google identify that you are a real person seeking an opportunity.

There are also other advertisement agencies such as, BuySellAds, AdCash, RevenueHits and several other’s. Google is considered by far the best option.

Affiliate Marketing

This is more commonly used today. Affiliate Marketing is when you take someone’s product and promote it to your visitors when they pay you earn a commission based on the value of the product.

This method is also known as CPA (cost per action) or CPL (cost per lead).

Here are some of the best website’s to use for affiliate marketing.

1. CJ Affiliate

2. Share A Sale

3. Click Bank

Ask For Donations

This method is strongly suggested for people who don’t have a lot of visitors and need help supporting the website.

It’s easy to use PayPal to setup a donation button that will make it easy for your visitors to donate to you and support your website.

Sell Advertisement Spaces

Create a section on your website where someone who is looking to promote can add their banner and pay a fee to feature their banner on your website. Some of the best spots to place this feature would be in the sidebar or down in the footer area of the website.

Create Premium Content

A great tip to use if your website has a section that’s member’s only. This can be an exclusive tool or exclusive content.

Sponsored Post’s

This method is more recommended for people who have a good amount of traffic that can attract attention from companies who’d like for you to feature their product in your website.

This is called Native Advertising. You should only do this if it is a product that goes well with your website’s content and is a product your visitors can trust.

Setup An E-Commerce Website

If you have products you build or make this is a great method for you. Using a plugin such as WooCommerce with WordPress makes it easy for you to place your products on your website and begin selling them immediately.

Warning this method does require a lot of effort given that you have to attract your customers and convince them that your product is worth purchasing. It’s best to come up with a marketing strategy when selling products online – especially if you don’t already have a big following.


There are other methods you can use on your website to make money. These are some of the best method’s I’m familiar with and can recommend them to you as safe ways to make money from your website without potentially rubbing your visitors the wrong way.

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