How to build a website from scratch?

August 7, 2017

Need to know how to setup your website from scratch? Here is a simple step by step guide on how you can get your next website built.

1. Pick a domain name

It’s always a good idea to pick a good domain name for your website before worrying about the way it will look. You can get cheap domain’s and hosting for your website at Bluehost.

2. Attach your host to your domain

If you choose to go with a different host and register your domain with another website you will need to link the DNS(Domain Name Servers) to your domain. Log Into your account and use the 2 Name Servers your host gave you and replace them with the default name server’s that came with your domain. If you domain and hosting are registered with the same host provider this will automatically be attached and not necessary to change.

3. Choose a CMS

There are many CMS systems to choose from I personally recommend WordPress as your CMS given it’s ease of use and multiple extensions that make it easy to use and setup quickly. Before choosing a CMS make sure it is good for your business and will protect you from unauthorized changes. Speed is also a big factor when it comes to building your website so be sure the CMS you choose does not take up a lot of memory or unnecessary resources.

4. How Do I Setup WordPress?

Now that you have you’re domain and hosting you’re ready to install your CMS system. This article will cover how to install WordPress. Most host’s will provide you with a quick tutorial on how to install wordpress directly from your cpanel. If you can’t find the tutorial on your host’s website to do this head on over to WordPress.Org. Download WordPress and install it using a FTP service such as FileZilla. Drag the file from the .zip file wait until all the file’s finish uploading and open the wp-config.php file attach it to your mysql database. Please make sure you have this setup before trying to use WordPress it must be attached to a database on your hosting account.

5. Installing A WordPress Theme

With WordPress installed you can now access your backend by going to and install your WordPress Theme by going to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme. Here you will choose the installable WordPress Theme file only.  Look for a file with the same name as the theme inside your theme package this will be the file you use here. If you need further help All of our theme’s come with a video tutorial on how to install use these as reference for help.

6. Install WordPress Theme Using FTP

Once you’ve logged into your ftp, unzip the .zip theme file to your wp-content/themes/ hosting folder. Please only use the theme files and do not upload the entire content’s you download from LondonThemes. The theme file can be found inside the zip you downloaded from LondonThemes. Example:

7. How Do I Customize My Website?

All themes come with an option panel to customize your website. The Sky Panel is located in Appearance -> (Theme Name) Options. If you seek further help and need more complex customization’s added to your website hire us with over 14+ Years Of Experience we can make your website exactly the way you want it.


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