Differences Between Brand Ambassadors vs Influencers

Brands nowadays use the presence of influencers and brand ambassadors to gain exposure online. Brand ambassadors and influencers help companies tap their target market. There is a thin line of differences between a brand ambassador and an influencer. 

Brand AmbassadorsInfluencers
How they’ll promote your brand.Word of mouth (promoting to others about your product)By example (showing others how they use the product)
The length of the relationshipWill promote your brand repeatedlyOnly promote your brand once or twice
Payment feeLikely to promote your brand for freeExpect to receive payment (money, discounts, or free products)
Relationship with your brandAlready active users your productHaven’t used your product before
How to select an ambassador or influencer for your brandBased on existing love and loyalty for your productBased on their ability to reach and influence an audience
How to reach outInvite them to join your brand ambassador program.Reach out and ask. 

Similarities Between Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

  • Brand ambassadors and influencers are typically chosen because of their authority in your niche or industry. A good example would be Brian Jackson, recently hired by Perth’s balustrade company -Unique Balustrading.
  • Companies recruit brand ambassadors and influencers to share their products with their audience in the hoes to generate new customers. 
  • Brand ambassadors and influencers help your brand to build strong relationships and trust with your potential customers. 
  • Brand ambassadors and influencers have agreements with the brand. It entails creating and sharing content related to brands or products. 
  • Brand ambassadors and influencers are effective when promoting the products they use, believe in, and enjoy. It is important that the brand ambassadors and influencers promote your product using their own voice. It is also important that they don’t sound like salespeople. 

People would trust the brand if it is recommended by people in their own network. Many potential customers buy products online through referrals they come across on social media by the people or influencers they follow, like Logicode.

When the influencer’s marketing relationship with the brand evolves into an ambassador of the brand, it is when the influencer starts to use the product. When the influencer grows a love for the product he/she promoted and use it regularly, the influencer will begin to make content for the brand repeatedly without asking for anything in return. If so, the brand can reach out to that influencer again and offer a long-term relationship. Hence, the influencer is now the brand ambassador. 

Brand ambassadors and influencers play a great role in every business’ digital marketing tactics. It is important to choose your brand ambassador or influencer wisely. The brand ambassador and influencer must project the right image aligned to the brand’s personality. If the brand ambassador or influencer doesn’t have the right audience, having them promote your brand will only go to waste. It is important that the brand ambassador or influencer will be cohesive to your brand goals so your solid brand image will not be tarnished or seem confusing. Once your brand is associated with the wrong influencer, it can lead to loss of resources and sales.