7 Common Interior Designing Mistakes

It is not necessary to hire a professional designer if you simply just want to make your little space a bit more appealing. All you need to know are the basic design principles and mistakes you should avoid. Although you will need some planning before you do so, knowing what not to do before you start sprucing up your home is necessary. 

What Not To Do When Designing a Space


Knowing how to scale is an integral factor when choosing your furniture. It is not enough to simply look at the colours and the design without giving consideration to the dimensions. What’s the point of buying an expensive sofa if it doesn’t fit your living room? There’s no point in choosing an elegant dining set if it’s too small for your wide dining area. Knowing the dimensions of the space will help you decide on your sofa. 

Shop and Budget

Shopping for interior decors and furniture is the fun part of it. Going inside a furniture store gives you a lot of options that can sometimes be overwhelming while you end up buying the wrong one or going out of your budget. Before going shopping, it is best to have a solid amount of budget and ideas in mind so you won’t end up buying pieces that are not cohesive to your overall design.

Painting Before Choosing the Fabrics

Painting the walls without giving consideration to the fabric of your furniture and pillows will set off the wrong vibe. It could sometimes lead to a total waste if the colour you chose does not go with the fabric and colours of your drapes, sofa, etc. 

Focal Point

Sometimes, you just go crazy and add all the things you want without thinking about where do you want to lead the eyes of your visitors. Having a focal point will give your room some sense of authority. It tells your visitors where to look upon entering the room. If you don’t have a focal point, your home will look cluttered. 

Hanging Paintings and Photos

There are certain ways to hang your paintings or photos depending on the purpose. Paintings must be placed in the eye’s view. Placing your photos or painting too high or too low will not serve its purpose. It has to be placed in height that the person looking at it need not extend an effort to see. 

Show Your Personality

Yes, there are a lot of beautiful interior ideas, however, they’re not yours. When designing your home, it has to exude your unique personality. What’s the point of displaying a vase that you don’t like? The whole point of creating a beautiful space is for the person who lives in it will feel comfortable and belong. It is important that all the elements you put in your home are something that you love that reflects your personality.

Knowing the common interior mistakes will help you curate the right furniture and decors. It is important to keep in mind a few rules so you will not end up designing a space that doesn’t match your taste or your space.